Specification of fiberglass sheets

Specification of fiberglass sheets

Specification of fiberglass sheets ‎

High quality in crystalline properties such as light ‎

Colors variety of sheet, shady ability and light ‎transmission is possible in 35 – 82 % .these properties are ‎better than another stuff in the design and harmony.‎
And this property (light transmission) is reducing electrical ‎consumption about of 70 percentage .‎

Resistance in opposite of outer ingredient such as ‎humidity, heat , cold , sound and ray :‎

thermal exchange is important , by reasons of using of ‎wool & glass yarn and unsaturated polyesters materials in ‎fiberglass sheet, reducing of costs is very salient. About ‎of importance of fuel and electrical energy, in cold zones ‎and hot zones, parsimony is one of biggest problem that ‎these sheets are best of selection.‎

Noise and trouble of that in some places is harmful. for this ‎problem fiberglass sheets are suitable and prevent than ‎noise .‎

List of production, flat and corrugate sheets ‎


Color Length (m) Width ( m) Thickness (gr/m2)
Yellow-blue-green-glassy and … 25 3-2.5-2-1.5-1.25-1 300 gr
Yellow-blue-green-glassy and … 25 3-2.5-2-1.5-1.25-2 450 gr
Yellow-blue-green-glassy and … 25 3-2.5-2-1.5-1.25-1 600 gr
Yellow-blue-green-glassy and … 25 3-2.5-2-1.5-1.25-1 900 gr

Purpose of thickness (gr/m2), weight of wool&glass yarn ‎used in M2 ‎

Ultra violet ray is carcinogen and that is threat the peace ‎for all life, and this ray spoil, color of materials. Fiberglass ‎sheets making a safety space by reason of wool&glass ‎yarn and unsaturated polyester.‎

Low weight and high speed in performance:‎

Lightweights property of fiberglass is very important, this ‎property is a important operative for resistance in ‎opposite of earthquake, just for intolerance of overload ‎‎.this property play a good role in the transport .because ‎lightweights property reduce of many costs in all of side . ‎

Get the washable and cleanable, comfort and certainly: ‎

clean of surfaces and transparency ceiling, always was a ‎problem , but fiberglass sheet has not this problem ‎because of anti static property. Dust and grime are ‎suspense in space that these can not set in surface of ‎fiberglass sheet, and we can wash these pollution easily ‎and even these pollution waste with coming rain.‎

Covering of greenhouse with flat and corrugate sheets ‎

Covering of parking lot ceiling, in the home and office.‎

Covering of saloon with fiberglass sheet

Sample of translucent sheet, product by this company ‎

Produce of pieces, tank and fiberglass cellulars set‎


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