About Us

About Us

Mobarakeh Industries fiberglass company (M.I.F co ) ‎

The biggest of producer in producing of covering ‎fiberglass sheet in Islamic republic of iran ‎

mobarakeh Industries fiberglass company is a ‎professional company in products of flat and corrugate ‎sheet in different length , width , thickness and colors , ‎that used for cover of greenhouse , saloon , parking , ‎stank . our company substantiate our abilities in many ‎projects .‎

About of customers

Customer is bigwig in organization, he dont dependent to ‎us because we dependent to that. Customer is not a ‎temporary target , rather he our target in all actions .‎
He is not strangle in our organization, rather customer is ‎part of our organization. we dont indulgence to our ‎customer with serve to them , because he gives an ‎opportunity to us for bide and he indulgence to us .‎
Mahatma gandey ‎

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+98 3152418170 - +98 3152406441 - +98 3158650006


1500 meter ‎after zarin chini - left side - isfahan mobarakeh high way . 17 kilometer after police station on - the road to mobarakeh .



Mobarakeh Fiberglass Industries company (M.F.I co). All Right Reserv